As Eurovision rears it head again next month it reminds me that it was 35 years ago this year that Bucks Fizz won for the UK with an iconic performance of ‘Making Your Mind Up’ where the girls had their skirts ripped off mid song! They went on to sell over 15 million records and the winning song was No1 in 9 countries.

I remember watching the show that night and was a bit of a fan, so you can imagine my delight when I was commissioned five years ago to make suits for a performance at The London Palladium to celebrate 30 years since their win for 3 of the group; Cheryl, Mike & Jay. I used the colour palette from the original stage clothes to create a more sophisticated tailored look that was more in tune with them as performers now.

To add showbiz pizzaz I used hundreds of Swarovski crystals & embroidery to create an emblem on the back of each jacket. When they turned their backs to the audience the huge super trouper lights would bring alive the outfits with real glitter and glory!!

The original three are now working with Bobby McVay of Eurovision’s Sweet Dreams (who were our entry the year after Bucks Fizz won) and I have the enviable task of creating a new suit for him with a crystal & embroidery emblem of his name on the back. You see the other 3 suits are still going strong. That’s the beauty of a bespoke garment, just like a good tune, it never goes out of fashion.


If you look at the top photos I can reveal a few tricks of my trade; the extreme slanted pocket are a great way of sliming in the waist when combined with a peak lapel that highlights the elegant shoulder line. Fabric covered buttons add a touch of classic sophistication to the garments. All the jackets feature working cuffs and each member has their name embroidered on the inside.

However, just don’t take my word for it… why not see the iconic group and outfits on their new nationwide tour called ‘The Make Believe Tour’.




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