Bespoke Suit In A Box

Bespoke Suit In A Box


I’m excited to reveal my new luxury gift concept – a limited edition ‘bespoke suit in a box’.

Each plush hand-crafted leather box holds enough fabric and lining to cut a bespoke two-piece suit.


When purchasing the gift box you’re invited to select a best-selling ‘Super 120s’ wool cloth in black, navy, or grey, plus signature crest lining in white, black, blue, purple or red. These are folded and placed along with a personalised card into the leather box that is then gift-wrapped.


The receiver of the gift will simply book an appointment to be fitted for the suit; receiving our quintessential high level of personal service to choose style, fit, and details such as stitching, buttons, monogramming, and more.

Bespoke Suit In A Box – £1,750

The gift box can be ordered by calling my design studio on 020 7686 3547 or email