Bespoke Wedding Suits


Your wedding gives you the perfect excuse to indulge in a bespoke suit that will ensure you look and feel the part on your big day.

My design studio offers a personalised service that allows unique and memorable details such as a custom printed lining, that could match the colour of the flowers, your partner’s favourite colour or even design elements taken from your invitation.

Colour can also be used in contrast stitching, flash inserts or buttons to make it stand out from a typical suit; whilst having the date embroidered on your garment means you will never forget your anniversary!

Alternatively, why not embroider your names or a message inside the jacket. I once had a client ask me to embroider the statement ‘I give it a year’!


The variations are endless and a more contemporary cut and fabric can be perfect for the big day, and guarantee you will be able to wear it again and again.

The whole process of having a garment designed should be part of the celebration, an experience to treasure and enjoy as you indulge in the luxury world of bespoke suiting.


A trend I’ve noticed over the past 12 months is the increased number of men opting for a white, ecru or ivory dinner jacket, as seen most recently on the 2017 Golden Globes red carpet worn by Ryan Gosling.

Paired with black dinner trousers, white evening shirt, and bow tie; this bold look, if executed correctly, is guaranteed to create the wow factor!


Humphrey Bogart sported this iconic look in the classic 1942 movie Casablanca, as have numerous James Bond’s and other leading men throughout the years.

I recommend a Super 120s merino wool, cashmere, or mohair cloth with a shawl collar and covered buttons. A flared or cut-away cuff and subtle printed lining with matching pocket square will add the element of personalised perfection.

Stephen Williams London
Bespoke two-piece suit from £950 / Bespoke three-piece suit from £1100

Call to discuss your requirements on 020 7686 3547



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